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Will You Be There?
Written by Tracy Blackmore, Wagging Tails Kennel   
Friday, 22 March 2013 08:26

So, you have a new puppy or kitten....congratulations!

There is so much your new addition needs to learn - potty training, not to bite, maybe new tricks....will you be there for him/her?

Your new addition is going to need his/her shots to stay healthy and will need some good food to grow up strong....will you be there for him/her?

There is going to need to be some surgery in the next few months to make sure you don't contribute to the over population of the animal world, making sure that there are not too many animals that won't find homes.....will you be there for your newest family member?

There is a chance in the next few years that your new friend is going to need some emergency health care due to an unexpected illness or injury, and it is going to cost you more than you think....will you be there for such an event?

Lets jump ahead 12 or 15 years (or more if you are really lucky and your pet has a good healthy life), the best friend who has stuck by your side through happy times, and sad times, was always there when you needed someone to talk to, when you were feeling afraid and needed to know you were not alone, when you were upset at a loss or when you won a prize is going to need you to be there for him/her as the time grows short and the end is near.....will you be there?

It is very hard when this time in life finally comes, but your best friend is in need of your friendship and your love at that time.....will you be able to be there for him/her? If he/she is suffering will you be able to make the final decision for the best and let them go peacefully or will you expect someone else to do it for you? Will you be able to stand beside your friend and hold their little paw and say goodbye? Or worse yet, if there is no vet close by when the time comes and your pet is ready to go what will you do?

Respect your friend, do what is right by them....would you drive your best two-legged friend to the hospital for treatment or to die in peace with someone that loves them close by or would you have someone take him/her out to the bush and drop him off to fend for himself and die alone?

Think about the entire life of a pet when you get one, will you be there all through their life or do you just want a cute, cuddly critter for now that will be given away as soon as it messes on the floor or chews up the leg of the couch?

Will you be there? 


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