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Canadian Cancer Society - Daffodils
Written by Jim White, Secretary, Wawa Branch, Canadian Cancer Society   
Thursday, 21 March 2013 06:50


The Wawa Branch of the Algoma & District Unit, Canadian Cancer Society wishes to advise everyone  about our upcoming annual daffodil sales campaign.  This is the last year that Daffodils will be on sale, so we hope that we sell out for this one last time. 

They will be available  to the public starting either  Wednesday, April 3rd or Thursday, April 4th  at the Post Office, once the pre-sale orders are filled. These pre-order forms will be delivered during the week of March 25th to March 28th.  A schedule of dates and times will be announced later.

For more information,  please contact Jim White, Secretary, Wawa Branch at 856-4879.


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